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Ghost Investigation Experience


  • Starting at $500. Includes 3 people for 3 hours.
  • $100 per additional person, $50 per additional person per hour
  • Offered All Year – subject to availability
  • Minimum 5 day Advanced Reservations Required For This Experience


This experience is open year round and is meant for those wanting a longer private tour with an investigation opportunity or for experienced ghost hunters, paranormal enthusiasts and researchers.

This is a custom experience designed around how your group would like to explore the ship. This 3-6 hour experience gives your group access to explore the best parts of the ship. Your group will be accompanied by one of our tour guides who can show you the paranormal hot spots, share the reported activity and share our tales or simply be there to ensure you are exploring the ship safely. You will be given access to investigate the depths of the ship using your equipment and techniques to capture the sounds and visuals aboard the ship.

This experience does not guarantee you private access to the ship but allows us to offer a more in-depth experience to our guests, even on Friday and Saturday. The ship may or may not be hosting camping groups during your investigation, although we will start our investigation at a time when they are confined to their birthing quarters. In the event that the ship is hosting camping groups, we will have access to the parts of the ships which are not near those groups. Due to the technology upgrades, the museum has undergone, the ship will remain at its normal operational power throughout the night and much of the ship will remain lit. Many of our guest experiences have come during the daytime and when the ship has guests, so your group will still have lots of opportunities to have an unexplained experience.

Please email us for detailed information at [email protected]

Tours Available Nightly

Tour Times Vary Depending On the Season.