Haunted Ghost Tour on the USS Yorktown


Come aboard the USS Yorktown for this exclusive guided ghost tour and hear stories of sacrifice, heroism and the unexplained! This approximately 90 minute guided tour will walk you through a haunted, historical journey in which you will hear about the heroic sacrifices and the ghosts that have been reported to haunt the USS Yorktown.

You will begin your tour with an immersive multimedia experience introducing you to the USS Yorktown and the many accounts of its paranormal activity. From there, you will be led by a professional tour guide from the bowels of the ship to the flight deck where many sightings have taken place and be told stories of Sacrifice, Heroism and the Unexplained. To help in your exploration, you will be provided with the use of a Ghost Meter to measure possible paranormal activity that may be taking place around you.

The Haunted Ghost Tour features:
  • An immersive multimedia experience to acquaint you with the USS Yorktown and her mysteries
  • Exciting tales of of the heroic sacrifices and ghosts that are said to inhabit the USS Yorktown
  • A ghost meter to detect any paranormal activity that may be present during you tour

Tours Available Nightly

Tour Times Vary Depending On the Season.

See Our Calendar For Available Tour Times and Dates

40 Patriots Point Road, Mt. Pleasant, SC, 29464